Ways to overcome overtrading

Ways to overcome overtrading Overtrading its always been one of the issues most traders encounter. We have cover how to identify if you are overtrading, if you miss that you may want to check out this link https://streetquants.com/trading/how-do-you-know-you-are-overtrading/ In this article, we will cover ways to overcome overtrading.  Stick to one trading setup It is

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Choosing A Suitable Trading Timeframe

Choosing A Suitable Trading Timeframe Trading timeframe is as important as the trading strategy itself. Selecting the right timeframe for trading will affect how long does one hold onto their trades and also the profitability of the strategy. If you prefer to do scalping where this is a strategy that the trader would like

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A smoking joke that just got serious

A smoking joke that just got serious The joke goes like this. There’s a guy taking a smoke break with his non-smoking colleague. “How long have you been smoking for?” the colleague asks. “Thirty years,” says the smoker. “Thirty years!” marvels the co-worker. “That costs so much money. At a pack a day, you’re

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How do you know you are overtrading?

How do you know you are overtrading? Almost every trader will go through the overtrading stage at some point of time in his/her trading journey. So, what is overtrading? In short, overtrading is the act of trading too frequently. The problem is most traders fall into this trap and did not even realize it

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