The New World of Investment

If we look at 30 years back in the investment world it used to be just the rich people game. The reason being are you need to buy a minimum of 100 shares and with high brokerage fee. For perspective, 100 shares of Apple Inc. Buying at US358 will require US35,800.

Today is different, you can just buy 1 share of Apple Inc. Which will just cost you US358. You may say “Yeah but paying to the broker commission is US10, which is about 2% of your investment doesn’t make sense.” You are right but not today. Today you can trade US share with zero commission. Thanks to Payment For Order Flow (PFOF). We will not go through the detail of PFOF. It deserves an article to explain in detail.

You can now invest in Apple Inc. monthly if you can save US358 a month. If the shares increase in value your investment increases as well. This makes perfect sense when Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” mentioned you have to pay yourself first before paying your expenses.

There is no need to involve in a rich quick scheme or fall into any scam. By investing in big companies you can slowly accumulate your wealth.

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