The business that allow everyone to make money during recession and coronavirus period

There are not many businesses that can survive during a recession. During the recession, SME businesses who try to survive will retrench employees. Employees who out of jobs will go for an alternative solution like joining a network marketing business or become a grab driver, perhaps today we are facing a different situation.

Today the coronavirus has been disruptive. It stops one business from operating and people will have to stay in the house. Any businesses that require face to face meeting makes traveling difficult.

Therefore, businesses that could benefit from this situation will be eCommerce platform, businesses like Zoom, Netflix, Tencent, etc. If you own an eCommerce platform (services based), congratulations, you will not be affected as long as the public still has money to spend.

However, what if you do not own a business? The perfect business you can start straight away with a very low cost is to pick up the skill of trading the stock market or the commodity market. You may find out why it is a good time to trade the market right now in our next article.

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