3 Things you can do at home during the coronavirus period which may change your future

The coronavirus forced everyone to stay at home. This article focuses on the 3 things you can do to stay focus in your career and perhaps get yourself prepared when the coronavirus is over.

1. Read a book
Reading is one of the most powerful method to acquire knowledge, however we often do not have the time or habit to do so. This may be just the right time to do something different for you to pick up some skills for your future.

2. Join an online course
Learning has never been easier compared to 10 years ago, today there are many online courses available either for free or at a very affordable fee. The materials are either distributed by video, audio or in eBook format. With no stress or hurry, you can learn at your own pace.

3. Complete things that are important but not urgent
Most of us are busy with things that are urgent and do not have time to focus on the things that they wished to do. In a book written by Stephen Covey “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, it was mentioned that our focus is to complete things that are important but not urgent. Perhaps this could be the right time to do planning, systemise or automate your workflow, or perhaps learn something new.

Let’s stay positive and hopefully, you can get the most out of it during this coronavirus outbreak