Determining The Direction

For any market trader, trading direction is usually the first step or a crucial checklist in their rules or trading plan. As we understand it, market only moves either upwards or downwards and getting the direction right would have secure at least 50% of the success rate in our favour. Thats is why we put a lot of emphasis in determining the market direction before executing any trades.

Let’s get it straight, no one knows what is going to happen in the future. What we can do is to gauge the potential price movement by understanding past market behaviour to give us an edge in potential direction. There are many ways traders can use to gauge potential price movement; from fundamentals or technical methods which are the more common ones or global macro understanding to market sentiment analysis or even data driven quantitative or artificial intelligence based predictions.

Anyhow a good direction prediction ought to have a probabilistic view and limited to a certain timeframe. For example if we are expecting to long a market, then we should also know how long this prediction should last. It is also important that the direction can cater to unaccounted events and have room for adjustment following any latest market updates.

“Trade only when the market is clearly bullish or bearish”

Jesse Livermoore, regarded as the greatest trader who ever lived

SQ Signal service consists of data driven AI forecast and macroeconomic prediction

Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning analysis uses Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to perform pattern analysis on thousands of data and giving us a statistical outcome of a potential direction. The advantage of having ANN over conventional technical or pattern techniques is the capability of measuring thousands of data and objectively calculating a potential direction. Our AI model is further enhanced with the capability to self-adjust to changes or impacts potentially caused by external factors.

Macro Analysis

A macroeconomic analysis is an important study to understand the overall market behaviour and the longer term trend as a whole. Many factors can impact the market and change the direction significantly and an understanding of the macro view can help in anticipating for potential market disruptions. A macro analysis involves monitoring central bank policies and announcement, government programs, potential catastrophic events or can also possibly come from Tweets. Therefore having a macro view can further help and support our data driven trading decision.

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