What Do I Need?

You may not need much but some basic tools like the following is the very least necessary.


Do I need a supercomputer?

Most likely not. A good reliable laptop is sufficient. You can certainly place your trades using your mobile trading app but you will need a computer for your market analysis. For your investing needs, you may just need to set it up the first time and update it probably annually.


Which broker platform shall I use?

Perhaps this is the most important tool. For more details on how to select a broker or trading platform, visit here.


How much shall I trade and invest?

If you do not have any spare cash, any of this is not for you. The other factors to consider the amount of trading or investing capital will depend on your risk appetite and investment purpose.

Supplementary Tools

Some of you may or may not use them but it mostly depends on each individual’s experience and preference.

Virtual Private Server

If you prefer to have your indicators and expert advisors accessible on the go, we recommend you to use this cheap and reliable VPS service.


Trading Journal

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve. What gets measured gets done. A trading journal to track your trading history and to learn from your mistakes.


Money Management

Money and risk management is one the key factors for profitability. Use this file to understand trading terms and calculate your lot size and risk profile.