3 reasons why this is the perfect time to learn to trade the market

Reason 1: Volatility
For the past 2 months the market has been extremely volatile due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is the perfect opportunity to learn and trade this kind of extreme market condition. As a trader, we like volatility however during this period it is maybe just a bit too much to absorb. Nevertheless, one will gain huge experience in trading in such a condition.

Reason 2: Increase of Unemployment rate
The unemployment rate has been increasing. People right now are either getting unpaid leave or been retrenched by the company. It is the perfect time to get a skill which is recession-proof and you can use at any point in your life.

Reason 3: Staying at Home
Some people work from home or stay at home which impacted their finances. It is a great time to pick up a skill and learn to trade the market. You may plan for a long term investment or actively trade the market with a probability-based trading system.