Are you trying too hard in trading?

Are you are still struggling in trading? Have you ever thought that you are trying it too hard in trading? Maybe it is time to relax and lay back and conclude what have you done.


Many traders start trading in the wrong step. They want to make millions in the market for a short period with very little capital. For example, invest USD10, 000, and hope to turn it to USD100, 000 in a year. During the process, they end up over trading and give themselves too much pressure. In most cases, they will end up losing all their money.


Traders must understand that trading is like a business, which we will have to start small and make a consistent profit, slowly growing it into big business.


There are many “levels” in trading. For example, trading a big account and trading small accounts requires a different set of skills. The first objective for a trader is to learn how to survive in this business by training yourself to be patient and be disciplined to execute a probability-based strategy with minimum lot size.


A trader must master the ability to able to execute any strategy rule without greed and fear. You will know you have mastered this skill and ready to proceed with the second step when you do not overreact on your winning and losing trades.