Don’t think about the money if you want to make a consistent return in trading

This may sound silly but is one of the important skills to obtain to become a successful trader and generate a consistent return in trading.

Trading is like every business, we want to make money, however, we do not see big corporation in their mission and vision is to become a billion-dollar company. Their focus is always on how much value they can give to their customers. In trading it works the same way, our focus should not be thinking how much money we can make, counting every single cent we make or lose in a single trade or keep looking at the balance of your account.

We should be focusing on acquiring the knowledge to make a consistent return. There are only 3 main areas which we need to focus:
1. A trading strategy with a winning edge
2. Money Management
3. Psychology in trading to trade without emotion

As soon as you can master the 3 areas above you are on your way to becoming a trader who can generate a consistent return.