I want a high return investment!

If you are thinking about high return investment, you most likely will not become a successful trader. The main reason is the lack of understanding of the fundamental of trading and investment.

Many strategies in the market claim they can generate a fantastic return. You must equip with the adequate knowledge to validate if that is a real deal, otherwise, you may fall into a scam and lose your money.

In most cases, high return is short term, in a specific event, or only able to do so with a small account. If the person understands this most likely they will make money, and they will manage to make money even it is a Ponzi Scheme by exit before it collapses.

If you are looking for a trading strategy that is long term and makes money consistently, just evaluating based on the return is rather shallow. The first thing first is we need to evaluate the idea behind a trading strategy. If the idea behind is not solid and too many subjectivities in the decision-making process (either buy or sell) most likely it will not last long. What we want to see at the basic is the system builds upon a solid principle and the decision-making process is simple and straight forward.

One of the strategies that able to achieve above mentioned is a probability-based or quantitative strategy. The quantitative strategy model is constructed using principles with mathematical models to justify the result and decision-making process. Therefore, if someone takes up and learns there is a higher success chance and achieve a consistent return.