You have to be lazy in trading

It is full of excitement when it comes to trading or investment. By seeing your account earning an exceptional return in just a few minutes. Subsequently, you are so eager for the next trade. You will keep watching the market regardless you are in the market or not. All this is a bad sign and shows that you have yet to master the trading skill.

One of the ways to help you improve your emotions in trading is to switch off the market and be lazy. Let’s breakdown into different phrases in trading and see how we can apply this concept.

  • Before entering the trade

You know when your entry setup is, instead of looking at the price movement for hours to looking for trade.

  • During the trade

Once you are in the trade, you set your stop loss and take profit point and close your trading platform, instead of keeping watching the ups and downs of your unrealized profit and loss.

  • Exit and after the trade

After exit, the trade regardless of profit or loss, close the platform instead of continually looking at the market.

By looking at the chart too much you will tend to find trades that are not your setup, exit early, change your stop loss point, revenge trade, and emotionally attached to your account and charts.

Therefore, the ultimate winner for long term success in trading with stress-free is to become a lazy trader.