The different and similarity between trading and a job

Many people behave differently when it comes to investing or trading the forex or stock market compared to their job. Hopefully by knowing the similarity and difference will help you to change your perspective and expectation on trading and hence improve your trading result.

The Similarity:

The similarity between trading and job is having a good attitude such as hardworking, good observation and analytical skills, etc.

Many people fail in trading because having a different mindset, to begin with, such as making quick money or having lots of money quickly so that he or she no need to work and start enjoying life.

Of course, having money to retire and enjoy life is a good goal and everyone’s dream however it often attracts people who are lazy and unwilling to put in the hard work to be successful in trading.

If we based on the statistic knowing most traders will end up losing money, we can assure that effort to put into trading will not be less.

The difference:

One of the differences between trading and a job is the expected return. In trading most often you can estimate your return, but you can never force it. You can only get what the market can give it to you.

There is no strategy in this world that will hit a 100%-win rate forever, which means there will be losses even though they fit all your criteria to determine the trade. For a job you maybe can perfectly perform every task or have senior to check your mistake and correct it to make it perfect.

In the trading or investment world is nothing perfect that is why the reward is higher than a job because by nature it rewards higher for the people who are willing to take the risk and understood the nature of it.

A quantitative strategy will be able to help the trader to understand the math behind a strategy and thus make the decision based on statistics rather than emotion.